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Bernhard Deutz
Information about the string instruments of the KlangWerkstatt

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Bernhard Deutz, Cordula Dietrich
The Body Tambura: a new instrument for the field of music therapy
BVM (Ed.): Jahrbuch Musiktherapie, Bd. 1/2005 Forschung und Entwicklung, Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag, Wiesbaden 2005

Michael Teut, Cordula Dietrich, Bernhard Deutz, Nadine Mittring and Claudia M. Witt
Perceived outcomes of music therapy with Body Tambura in end of life care – a qualitative pilot study
BMC Palliative Care 2014

Cordula Dietrich et al.
Treating Palliative Care Patients with Pain with the Body Tambura: A Prospective Case Study at St. Joseph’s Hospice for Dying destitute in Dindigul South India, 2015

Healing Comfort from German Dr. Cordula Dietrich through MusicTherapy using ‚Body Tambura‘

Warth et al.,Vibroacoustic Stimulation_2015
Marco Warth et al.,
Effects of vibroacoustic stimulation in music therapy for palliative care patients: a feasibility study
Research Article in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2015

Dietrich, Cordula_ 2022
Cordula Dietrich,
Receptive Music Therapy In Palliative Care: A Holistic Approach with The Sound of the Body Tambura (English Edition), 2022


The Body Tambura
The Therapist Anthony Hall about his work in the St. Michaels Hospice, Hereford / UK


Instruments from the KlangWerkstatt in the USA
The healer and  sound-therapist James Hopkins (Los Angeles) presents his instruments, including a monocord, a body tambura and a soundbed from the KlangWerkstatt.